Vinay Persand – Senior Architectural Technician 

Open, patient, unassuming, attentive family man 


Vinay is our ‘righthand man’. With almost 15 years’ experience at SKK, he has a keen understanding of our clients needs and is instinctive in his approach towards design. With a proven track record of technical expertise and consistent quality, Vinay weaves his passion for design excellence throughout every project he undertakes. His ethos of hard work and attention to detail have become his hallmarks of distinction.  

Always keen to ensure the highest levels of customer service, Vinay always puts the client first, priding himself on the consistent quality of work SKK deliver. 


Remodelling space to inform and influence the work environment has been a hallmark of Vinay’s expertise in office re-design. Creating visually captivating designs as well being creative with space, layout and function Vinay has worked designing new offices for Warner Music, Atlantic Records and Bruce Shaw Partnership.