• “I’ve always used SKK Design, because they’re very tenacious. They just get the job done. It does not matter how difficult the project is, it doesn’t matter what I demand of them, they’ve always produced. Which is why I always go back to SKK Design.”

    Albert Gray, Warner Chappel

  • “I have worked on a number of residential projects with SKK Design over the last 5 years. They are a very creative team and take their projects very seriously. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


  • “Having worked with SKK Design in the past on various projects for Ralph Lauren, Warner Music and Superdry, we employed them to undertake the design of a new urban gym in Canary Wharf. The brief was to create a fitness environment different to anything seen in the UK while suiting the new site and potential client base. As usual SKK Design excelled in all areas. The client was impressed with the SKK Design team from start to finish and has a design that will work for this space and their future roll-outs.”

    Martin Burke

  • “I would continue to use SKK Design because basically I think they’re very professional, they provide a good level of detail on their drawings which makes it easy for us to cost and project and manage and also helps the contractor to build and they’re also very user friendly and SKK Design are people that you can speak to and they understand where you’re coming from and react accordingly.”

    Paul Lawson

  • “There’s always a case of a time frame, there’s always a demand to have something done a lot sooner than the powers that be here that would actually give us credit for sometimes they ask the impossible and SKK Design has always come up trumps.”

    Albert Gray, Warner Chappel

  • “I find them, all of the SKK Design team, they’re very approachable, reliable, willing to address any of the questions we have.”

    Paul Body, Bruce Shaw

  • “We were looking for a functional solution that optimised our desired layout, whilst delivering an empathetic design within the conservation area in order to meet the exacting local residential planning obligations. The SKK Design team took due cognisance of the local environment and liaised with the planners to generate a number of options for consideration. The preferred solution was embraced by the planners, exceeded our expectations and was welcomed by the neighbours.”

    Sarah, East Sussex

  • “I think you get a personal service from them which is appreciated, you know they care about the business and they care about the clients.”

    Paul Body, Bruce Shaw

  • “There are other elements in terms of what we get from SKK Design [other than design management], they also will do surveys and the likes for us, of existing buildings and stuff like that so there’s kind of a one stop shop element to it for design services as well, so I think that certainly helps, that we can pick up the phone and say we need a survey of a couple of floors of a building done or something like that or an as built survey and they’ll get someone out within a few days to come and do that for us as well as sort of the design managers that we can gauge from them as well so that all helps I think.”

    Jamie Kempen, Ellmers

  • “I guess the biggest challenge we face in what we do is when our clients give us bits of design to do ultimately that’s to minimise their risk and to put that risk on us. What we’re employing the likes of SKK Design is to make sure we’re then transferring that risk of the design down to our supply chain as well. And that’s really where, the core bit of what we ask them to do [design management] and the main challenge of that is to ensure that we can absolutely comply with client’s requirements in a way that’s sort of safe and profitable as well. And that discharges those requirements without leaving too much responsibility on our shoulders really. That’s certainly something that SKK Design are very good at, it just takes quite a lot of pressure off of us as a team; we know they can do the job and we don’t really have to worry about it too much.”

    Jamie Kempen, Ellmers

  • Just because they’re pretty good, no problems from them. They just do what we ask, no problems, it’s never a problem, I think that’s one of the things he never tries popping us off. You know when we speak to Andrew he says yeah no problem, leave it with us sort of thing which is kind of what we want.”

    Darren Amos, PJ Monks

  • “The work I do is classed as small works stuff so it’s quite reactive stuff and it’s finding somebody who can react quickly, which SKK Design can do.”

    Gary Lawrence, Audas

  • “One of the things that you do get from SKK Design on the surveying side, we’ve used a couple of companies and what we’ve certainly noticed in the last 12 months of using SKK Design is the accuracy of what they do, we’ve had other survey companies that we’ve used and there’s been the odd error crept in here or there, sometimes through fairly inexperienced people that they’re sending. We’ve had SKK Design out to do 8 or 9 surveys over the last 12 months and talking to the guys on site, the project managers and the like, that it’s been bang on every time. And that just takes quite a lot of worry away, it means we’re not having to spend time checking things that should be right first time, and it’s a nice way to deal with it. We know it’s going to be right when we use them so, I just sort of wanted to convey that’s been a reassuring part of the last 12 months really that you know you’re getting quality whenever we engage with them.”

    Jamie Kempen, Ellmers

  • “As head of a 143 yr old, construction and fit-out business, I have had call to utilise SKK Design on 3 occasions. They have provided consistent and professional design, planning, building Regs services. I have found them to be extremely competent, forthright when advising, and innovative. when producing detailed designs. Their breadth of knowledge across design, buildability, maintainability was invaluable. The team were very easy to work with, a nice relaxed but professional can-do approach. I would certainly use them again and would have no issues in recommending them for any national design or management projects.”

    Richard Hall

  • “I will go to SKK Design because I’m getting a good price, I’m getting an excellent service, as far as I’m concerned, they can’t be beat. I just don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.”

    Albert Gray, Warner Chappell

  • I trust SKK Design implicitly, and we’ve worked on lots of schemes together some have been good easy schemes some have been really, really hard and I know that I’ll get the same from SKK Design, the support that we need from him and his team and I can pick up the phone at any time of the day and he’s there, he’s very very good.”

    Darren Taylor, Taylor Associates

  • “I have worked with SKK Design on various projects. They are highly professional, creative and thorough, and I always enjoy working with them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for commercial or residential projects, the quality of their work really is a cut above.”

    Eleanor Horwell Design

  • “SKK Design is a great company. The team is professional, creative and enthusiastic. I’ve worked on a range of projects with them, all delivered with top-level design and to a very high standard.”

    Lewis Santi

  • I have worked with the SKK Design team on 4 large projects, and each time they have been the backbone of the scheme. With fresh thinking, but sympathetic design for historic property and a winning approach with the planning process. The client brief is developed with real care and attention, I’m proud of the properties we have worked together on so far.

    Darren Taylor

  • “Breath of fresh air working with SKK Design, finally finding a practice that can handle anything you ask of them and never be disappointed. I am a contractor who has worked with several architectural practices over the years and it’s not uncommon to receive impractical drawings/designs or lack of knowledge. This is far from the case with SKK Design, in this instance a client wanted their Edwardian home open planned and modernised while retaining period character. Adam at SKK Design advised the client and me on what options would work, we were so impressed that we increased the contract to interior specifications on top of architectural drawings. He kept to the brief perfectly and still put forward innovative ideas that the client and I absolutely loved. There was a high level of communication and other employees of the practice were well informed about the project, this enabled questions to be answered when Adam was out of office. My professional relationship will continue with SKK Design and I’ll highly recommend them in the future to all regardless of budget.”

    Private Client

  • “And one of the things I like about SKK Design is that they’re a go to person for information so if I have issues, and I have had issues with the regulatory reform fire safety order, they’re able to come back to me with information that I guess only an architect would know, or certainly a fireman, or that kind of, that particular type of person. But the fact that I’m also able to go to SKK Design and ask them some quite specific questions, whether it’s building control or permits, or fire safety, health and safety or whatever, again they’re on point, they knows their stuff which is really good. And I often cross reference SKK Design with our health and safety consultant and sometimes SKK Design comes back to me with stuff that I have to question why my health and safety consultant didn’t come back to me on it.”

    Albert Gray, Warner Chappell

  • “All my contractors have always worked very well alongside SKK Design so for me it’s a good fit. I guess I can’t describe it any better than that, it works.”

    Albert Gray, Warner Chappell

  • “When you involve an Architectural Designer, you want a human being to deal with that is savvy and fast and SKK Design are amazing, they’re brilliant, they’re on the pulse and they get it.”

    Steve Barker, Coffee Barker