Peak fitness in the tech age

It used to be the most technical a gym got was the heart-monitor in the handle bars of bikes and treadmills. Now, the age of technology has not just entered the world of gyms but is being fully embraced – and it is not just classes on Zoom.

Today’s breed of machines for both home and professional gyms are embracing apps, sensors, video and streaming services to give you the best workout.

Smart mirrors are full-length mirrors that are actually LCD screens. They act as a normal mirror when not engaged so can be used for checking out your outfit or form. Turn them on though and you have access to a wealth of options. Most offer online classes from yoga to strength exercises and cardio – both on-demand and live. You can even train one-on-one with a personal trainer who can correct your form via a video link up through the built-in camera. They also frequently come with a Bluetooth heart monitor so you can keep track of your statistics.

The new generation of high-tech bikes and treadmills take the experience of biking and running to a new level. They bring features that make feel like you are running or biking outside following an actual trainer. Their touchscreens don’t just show Netflix or moving graphics, they offer classes that are both live and on-demand that will help you achieve your fitness goals. You can join guided classes for beginners to run a 5K or run with other participants in a high-intensity work out. Some models also auto-adjust the incline and speed that is set by the class trainer so your workout challenges you and builds fitness.

If you are looking for all-over body fitness smart technology, the new generation of smart boxing gloves come with sensors built into the wraps worn under the glove. They provide data back to the app so you can not only track how many times you hit the bag but how hard, all in real-time. These often come with on-demand or live classes too, though at an extra cost.

For those wanting to build strength there are digital weights. These systems are essentially a full-size weight room packed into a machine that is barely the size of a TV. One model on the market features giant arms that extend out at the push of a button and offers 200lbs of resistance. This makes them suitable for those looking for strength or resistance training rather than a full weights work out. Many offer real-time feedback and will adjust settings automatically if they sense a weight or rep count is too easy or too hard. Continuing the trend they also offer online coaching.

Smart, interactive and providing real-time feedback, new tech-enabled gym equipment for home or professional gyms bring the worlds of technology and physical fitness together in a way never seen before. All of this comes at a price. None of this equipment is cheap. However, in this new era, there is a class, course or experience for every who wants to achieve their fitness goals, be it at home or at the gym.