All or Nothing

The pendulum of interior trends has swung between minimalism and maximalism for an age and while neither will ever be genuinely off-trend, they can both go incredibly wrong. It’s essential to understand the features of each style that has given rise to their longevity.

Let’s explore how you can rock the all or the nothing!

Why minimalism works:

Minimalism works so well because it offers your space two primary features of design: total functionality and a bold starkness. Creating a minimalist interior is a foolproof way of evoking a feeling of space to breathe and a gathering of your thoughts without the anxieties overcrowding can bring.

How can I encourage minimalism?

Less is always more so exercise a level of restraint when choosing what to display on open shelving. Pare down your items until you’ve only a select few visible, alternate these if you like, but only have a handful visible at any one time. Remember the spaces surrounding can be as important as the focal ponts themselves. Consider your interior as your own personal art gallery mix it up when you’re bored with the current exhibition!

Celebrate the architectural bones of your house. Minimalism should be about exposing what’s underneath so use this opportunity to design around the features of your home, rather than to conceal them. Practicality goes hand in hand with minimalism, so make sure you’re using the most of the space your home has to offer, before welcoming in anything extra.

Practice the ‘less is more’ philosophy in your daily life not just in your interior spaces, and you’ll find it transferring across to other aspects of your life seamlessly.

Why maximalism works:

We adore the unlimited versatility of maximalism. You can fill every square foot of a wall with artwork, and it will still look on-trend. However, the secret of maximalism is forgetting what you’ve read, heard and know about design and filling your space will the pieces you love. This is incredibly important, as you’re going to be surrounded by them all the time.

Our only guidelines would be to take a uniform approach to an entire space, rather than just one area of your interior. As mentioned above it’s all or nothing!

How can I encourage maximalism?

Create a gallery wall! A signature feature of the maximalist style. Fill your wall with bright, colourful pieces of varying shapes, sizes, and frames. Again, avoid listening to design trends and go with what you think looks good!

Go vintage! Maximalism is a fantastic opportunity to try a boho or eclectic style, and your local vintage furniture dealer will almost definitely have something that could be used as a feature piece for your space. While it might be risky, it’s important to remember that committing to maximalism can pay off incredibly. So why not!

While we’ll always have a soft spot for simple elegance in design, we’ll never shy away from using bold patterns.

Regardless if you want to go down the minimalist route, or express your personality with the brashness of maximalism, it’s your choice get in touch today and see how we could help you!